About Us: Mission Statement

The purpose of this organization is to enhance the historically rich art and cultural environment of Leonia via the display of outdoor sculpture.

This will provide the opportunity for sculptors for exhibit their works, and for Leonians to enjoy the visual enrichment of their community. Our ultimate goal is to provide a dialogue between art and community, to enrich and educate, and to make Leonia an even more special place.

The intent is a rotating display of outdoor sculpture on loan from outstanding artists. Works are loaned for a period of a year or two, or until the artist needs them for some other purpose. We accept loans of sculpture whenever they become available; there is no official starting or stopping point to any particular grouping of works.The exhibition is centered in the Erika and David Boyd Sculpture Garden, but pieces are also mounted in prominent locations throughout town. David was an artist, historian and preservationist. Erika is a musician and teacher. They link us to the great intellectual and artistic heritage that has always been part of Leonia.

Sculpture for Leonia, a volunteer, non-profit organization, works closely with the Borough of Leonia, which provides insurance for the artworks and encouragement in many ways. Fund raising from the annual Taste of Leonia event provides a small budget to assist with transportation and installation expenses.Sculpture for Leonia co-operates with the schools to educate students as much as possible about the subjects of our sculptures, where this is applicable. For instance, the third grade has studied the scarab beetle, with its history as far back as the Egyptians and its associated topic of recycling, as part of its exposure to “Dung Beetle” by Adrian Landon. We also strive to publicize our works as much as possible, sending press releases for each new piece and whenever we can find a good story. For instance, when Jerome Harris Parmet loaned us an intriguing but untitled work and allowed us to sponsor a naming contest, we attracted attention to the Garden from all over northern New Jersey.

Further information about the organization is available upon request, and we are happy to arrange a tour of the town-wide artwork for interested individuals or groups.