Current Artists

Bergman, Dan

CITY TREE “City Tree” is a simulated telephone pole crowned with a blizzard of wires. This kind of tree is gradually replacing the native trees of New Jersey. MY FATHER’S HOUSE Traditionally a sculptor who works with metal, Dan Bergman veered to wood with the creation of “My Father’s House.” The carved out space in this sculpture represents the house.  It is visible from every angle of the three-paneled display. Here, Dan describes his fascination with houses and his artistic intensions for “My Father’s House.” Dan Bergman grew up in Chicago and Cleveland.  After a 30-year business career, he began…
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Bertelli, Michael

THE SAGE Michael Bertelli has been a professional sculptor for over forty years, working in wood, stone, bronze and porcelain. His public works can be seen throughout New Jersey in cities, parks, campuses, churches and hospitals. His work has evolved from realistic, e.g. Bust of Pope John Paul II, presented to the Pope in Rome, to the current unique fictional characters. “The Sage” is respected for his wisdom, experience and judgment. He Knows. Cloned in bonded marble from the original marble. This sculpture can be found on the Leonia Library grounds. For information please go to:

Bodin, Murray

Circles XX “Circles represent completion. The rough edges are gone. Peace remains. 50 years ago I started welding. First with cut nails, then stainless steel, in the style of David Smith. As color became available I used color to reflect a changing society. Current Public Art Installations: Leonia NJ, Bethel CT Town Square, Greenburgh NY Library, Town Hall, Metro North RR Station. I am currently working under the guidance of David Boyajian at the Sculpture Barn in New Fairfield CT.” – Murray Bodin For more information visit

Bursztyn, Alberto

Leonia Moose In the not too distant past the lower Hudson River Valley was almost completely covered by dense hardwood forests, which in turn provided a suitable habitat for the solitary and majestic moose, the largest herbivore in North America. The Leonia Moose is made of tree limbs from the immediate area, and built onsite. It encourages visitors to reflect on our precarious natural world and to imagine it restored. For more information, visit

Carlson, Jodi

CAN’T BRING ME DOWN “‘Can’t Bring Me Down’ was originally titled ‘Flower/Vase.’  Sometimes people want a name for a sculpture but I can’t think of an apt one right away.  Over time I realize what the sculpture means to me, and then I rename it. For me, this sculpture is about the indestructibility of the human spirit.” “Can’t Bring Me Down” was created for an outdoor sculpture show in Garrison, NY.  The venue is a huge working cow farm.  The site dwarfs everything in it.  I thought it would be funny to pop a giant vase with a giant flower onto the…
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Channon, Dave

THUNDERHOOF What is a “Scrapture”? An ecstatic non-static sculpture fashioned from scrap metal. Satyrical. Dynamicaly imbalanced engineering applied to antique steel implements with shapes that inspire visions. Recycled, repurposed, welded and bolted together. They move with the wind. – Dave Channon Dave Channon is a multi-media artist who began his career with an apprenticeship to Joseph Cornell when he was 17. He later collaborated with such important artists as Red Grooms, Peter Max, Keith Haring, Phillip Guston, Ralph Fasanella, Peter Max, Andy Warhol, Picasso, Ron English and Robert Indiana.  Channon’s first show was in 1979 at Franklin Furnace, an alternative art space…
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Cyprys, Allan

THE TALL FLOWER The Tall Flower is a geometric structure made of wood.  It is stained with bright colors, similar to the flowers you would find in a garden.  

Fields, Ailene

FROG PRINCE by Ailene Fields This sculpture is located on Broad Avenue and Magnolia Place on the Triangle. “Like my idol, Hans Christian Andersen, and his modern-day counterpart, Walt Disney, I am a storyteller. As a child, I was entranced by Andersen’s Fairy Tales and the mythologies of Greece and Rome. In adolescence and later, as a literature major in college, I discovered the Norse and Druidic legends, and the folk stories of Europe and Asia. Above all, they struck me with their essential wisdom, so concise and profound – that life is what you make it, which is, of…
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Friedman, Marilyn

WALKING FIGURE This six-foot terra cotta sculpture is hollow and stands over a single support.  The work reflects the variety of tools used by the artist.  Clay was pulled, pressed, and dragged to build the forms, silhouettes, and motifs of an abstract figure whose interrelationships express the process of its creation.  The artist’s choice of material relates directly to the natural world.  The piece captures the dualities of strength and fragility and vitality and stillness in both its creation and expression. Marilyn Friedman studied at the Art Students League of New York, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, and the…
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Glick, Martin

DREAMS OF GLORY by Martin Glick Artist statement: I’m a realistic figurative sculptor. I sculpt portraits, busts, &full figures, as well as animals. My inspiration is life, mythology and biblical stories. I enjoy creating a mood and/or capturing a movement. I model in clay and carve stone. I enjoy both mediums. Clay is immediate and stone takes patience. “Dreams of Glory” is a casting of a original clay sculpture of a boy who has played the game of his life. He is dreaming of becoming a famous professional basketball player. This sculpture won first place in a Hudson River Artist…
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Grillo, Esther A.

LINKS TO NATURE I use relics in my sculpture Links to Nature to suggest such imagery as the flight path of a bird, a sliding over flowers snake, a busy bug…

Grom, Bogdan

Mother and Baby Seal Bogdan Grom, who lived in Englewood and Slovenia until his death at age 95 in November 2013, defied classification as an artist.  Born in Trieste, Italy, his artistic roots derive in color and form from the rocky landscapes of the Karst region of his origins.  He survived Fascist persecution and came to the United States in 1957. Mr. Grom worked prolifically in all mediums, from oils, aluminum, tapestry, mosaic, stained glass, fiberglass, paper, and wood. His work in painting, sculpture, print making and designs related to architecture  have been recognized in private and museum collections worldwide. His most visible public art…sculptures and…
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Harrington, Lenny

Blue Cube “This sculpture stands out in any environment, bringing an inner sense of balance and serenity. It allows one thing to recede and another to emerge. Everything in balance to another.” – Lenny Harrington

Hawkins, Gilbert

Leonia resident Gil Hawkins installed these three sculptures outside the new wing of Leonia High School in August of 2018. Bear Mountain Bridge Luther Hill 2 Long Walk Home For more information, visit

Herzig, Jane Keller

MEISSEN COW by Jane Keller Herzig The  cow on exhibit in Leonia on Broad Ave. next to the post office, was painted for the CowParade 2007 West Hartford, CT. I call the cow Meissen Cow because the design was painted as exactly as possible to represent the Meissen Blue Onion Pattern. In essence, my vision was to create an image of a giant porcelain cow. The white background is the white of the material from which the cow was manufactured. There are only two added colors – gold and blue called Smalt hue. The blue paint is fairly transparent, and…
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Howard-Potter, Jack

PULLING III by Jack Howard-Potter This sculpture is  located in the sculpture garden. Motivated by his study of human anatomy and movement, Jack Howard-Potter works with steel to create large-scale figurative sculptures. His work has been on display throughout the world in outdoor sculpture parks, galleries and public art exhibitions. Howard-Potter grew up in New York City where he was inspired by the public sculpture of Alexander Calder, George Ricky and various performance, dance, and artistic exposure. He earned a BA in Art History and Sculpture from Union College and has been making and displaying his original sculpture since 1997. After college, Howard-Potter…
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Jackson, William D.

WAVE FORM COLUMN “This sculpture can be considered an assemblage using two, minimally mixed media: carbon and stainless steels. The welded, forged, and spun components of WAVE-FORM COLUMN include standard profiles, custom fabricated sub-assemblies, and found objects. Over the past, give or take thirty years, I have continued to add or modify various features and details. Now, with the benefit of hindsight, most of the components summon little histories that add nothing to the final composition, but do allow me to read the work as a punctuated autobiography.”

Ketchman, Niki

INSIDE OUT My sculpture Inside Out is a two-sided screen on which one side is the outside and the other is the inside.  The center area of the sculpture is translucent aluminum screen. Are you looking from the outside in or looking from the inside out?

Kim, Insun

HERITAGE 2 “Nails are very important tools in terms of structure and stability. One nail by itself however can not hold too much together. Much of the time it is necessary for multiples to be used in unison. Each nail represents a person in my work. I use stainless steel nails for the clean and pure appearance. When each nail is welded to the ones next to it, it will visually have a bond specific to that set of nails. Every bond or weld is different which comes to represent the individual relationships between people on a grand scale. Each…
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King, William

MAN AND WOMAN Sculpture for Leonia was gifted with these 2 sculptures made by renowned artist William King, who lived in East Hampton, NY, for 33 years, and died in 2015. He is known for depicting a sense of humor through his minimalist sculptures. His work has been acquired by many major museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Whitney Museum in NYC. Grounds for Sculpture was his fabricator for large commissioned pieces and aluminum was his favorite metal. These pieces are made of painted aluminum and are thought to be from the 1970’s.They were generously donated by…
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Landon, Adrian

GRAND CHEVAL De LEONIA GRAND CHEVAL 1 Horses have always been a great inspiration to Adrian Landon and have become an irreplaceable part of his life. After studying Industrial Design at the the Academy of Art in San Francisco, traveling and working out in the American West and learning the trade of violin making with his father. He studied metal sculpture at The Art Student League of New York.  “It is all about the process, about shaping, forming, manipulating the element, putting my energy into it”.  Steel is his main medium and he uses the anvil and hammer to work…
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Ludwiczak, Ted

FIVE HEADS   Ted Ludwiczak is one of Rockland County’s hidden super-stars of the outsider art world. From his home on the banks of the Hudson River in Haverstraw’s quaint Dutch Town area, he has carved hundreds if not thousands of dramatic faces from the incredible rock that gives Rockland County its name. Ted, who left his native Poland shortly after World War II, worked for years making contact lenses. Then in 1988 he retired, and his whole world changed. He recalls: “It all began when I worked on a retaining wall at my home. When I finished it looked bare. Then I…
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Marcus, Stanley E.

TOTEM FOR A VIKING This is the most recent of my Viking series. It is said of many (if not all) artists that a work is a self portrait even though it doesn’t appear to physically resemble the artist himself. We are all the sum of our life experiences. In this instance it is not a self portrait of myself but that of who I would like to be, big, strong, fierce. I either drew on my imagination or used a football player. There is even a certain muscularity about the face and hair. TRI-CORNET PLAYER This is the latest of…
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Martire, Mary

SUPERBUGS These super bugs are made out of metal and mixed media. A Lady bug, Butterfly and Lightening bug are hanging from the trees in the Wood park area. Mary Martire used metal, plastic, nylon rope and wire to construct these engaging bugs. Mary Matire is well known for her ceramics using clay to create useful pieces for dining and decorating.  The nuances of color, shape and style continue to intrigue her. She teaches at the Art School at Old Church, in Demarest, NJ. This encouraged her into new directions, such as the giant insect sculptures, which hang in Leonia, NJ.…
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Murray, James

WELCOME POST #2 This piece is located on the front Library lawn on Fort Lee road. In the sculpture of James Murray, space, interval, and matter are constructed together with a vigor and finesse that frequently defy expectation. Murray initiates his work through an all-inclusive approach to new and pre-existing materials. The artist seeks: “the erosion of time and age—all welcome to evoke the mysterious power of simple form and surface.” Murray relies on unusual means to forge these coherences.  From experience navigating ships as a merchant marine captain, a one hundred-ton master, he intuits trajectory lines through space. In his…
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Novina, Ulla

Ancient Vessel Ulla Novina was born and educated in Sweden and studied sculpture in the studio of Minoru Niizuma. In addition to creating art, she also lectures on art and sculpture. She is a former board member of the Art Center of Northern New Jersey, and the president of the Art Center Sculptor Affiliates. Novina is represented by Broadfoot & Broadfoot Gallery of Fine Art in Boonton, NJ and the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Her sculptures are in many private collections in both the USA and Sweden. Novina writes: “My sculptures are expressions of my love of and my…
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Padovano, Anthony

CRONUS This sculpture is located in the “Triangle” on Broad Avenue between Magnolia and Beechwood Place. A 5,000 pound granite sculpture. Mr. Padovano has taken what some artists consider an old-fashioned medium and created a flowing, contemporary piece with “Cronus.” “I was inspired by the music of Bach when I was sculpting this piece,” said Mr. Padovano. “The monumental chords in Bach’s music inspired me to make large, rhythmic forms in the granite.” Anthony Padovano graciously donated this piece to Sculpture for Leonia. YELLOW STRUCTURE This sculpture is located in the “Wood Park” area. In this geometric vertical formation Padovano…
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Peck, Judith

JOYFUL COMPANY Steel with acrylic paint  “My sculpture is about people: how they look, how they act, how they endure hardship and celebrate joy. The landscape of people is a dramatic terrain of vitality, humor, pathos and intriguing change. I change too, as I try to make sense of it all.” – Judith Peck PAST WORK ISOLATION FIGURE 3 This life size sculpture made of plastics, fiberglass and resin is located in the sculpture garden. This sculpture depicting a seated female figure in solitary introspection, originated as one of three figures on three separate beds situated side by side. Although…
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Poast, Michael

ZIG I sculpt steel. Gas torch cut lines into solid steel releases urgency of my expression.   Linear forms of metal stacked and wedged shapes are thrust, leaned, jutted, twisted, and radiate spatial push.  Serrated cuts and solids of manipulated I-beams, channels, angles, rods and plate, climb and activate surrounding space.   Energy is captured in negative space, mass and volume in unified form.   Mentored by Mark Di Suvero in a studio residency at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, NY, I refined my sense of large forms and furthered my commitment to sculpture in steel. Since that exploration I…
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Porta, Siena Gillann

LIKE A FLASH OF LIGHTNING IN A SUMMER CLOUD In bright sunlight, the grey shadows cast from the cutout red plastic above seem so 3-dimensional. When it’s overcast the cutout flower shapes are very readable as solid form

Prescott, Fredrick

TEENAGE ELEPHANT This sculpture is located at the main entrance of the Leonia Library on Fort Lee road. Life and art join to reveal a dynamic partnership in the work of Fredrick Prescott. The joy and animation seen in Prescott’s sculptures simultaneously evoke the natural world and it’s imaginary counterpart. As graphically bold and colorful as his pieces are, they always look perfectly at ease in a natural setting, though there is no denying their otherworldly quality.   The dichotomy between the real and the fantastical in Prescott’s artwork leads to the creation of a captivating, multi-dimensional art form. Using…
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Rattner, Carl

PORTAL ‘Portal‘, made of pine and finished with marine varnish, measures 30” x 24” x 72” (h).  The work suggests nature’s reclamation of an abandoned gate.

Sommerhoff, Herrat

SENTINEL XX1 My eyes caught sight of large boxy bundles of white Styrofoam regularly being discarded at a warehouse. When taken home and laid out on the lawn, there were clean, straight shapes, with a low set-back pattern. I envisioned a COLUMN out of 8 identical pieces, to be painted in primary and secondary colors, (Red, blue, yellow and green, orange, violet), etc  — AFTER assemblage and the application of a stucco finish. To add more interest, I attached found, painted shapes to the “simple” column. The result is this sculpture, SENTINEL XXI. Stucco stands up better in all weather…
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Steinson, Nancy

Wind Chapel “Born in Louisville, Kentucky, I came to New York to work as assistant to the student advisor at International House. I received a B.A. Degree in political science at the University of Louisville. Dedicated to human rights issues as a Southerner, but equally seduced by the arts, I studied sculpture under Peter Agostini at Columbia University’s School of the Arts. I later received an M.A. Degree in Art Education from Columbia University Teachers’ College. Although my earliest work was representational, I became an abstractionist under the impact of Constantin Brancusi, Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson. Small ovular and…
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Teppich, Naomi

Cactus Palm “Especially when the environment is under bombardment, I feel strongly about sending a message through my art. For the 2017 Beacon 3D exhibition I have created a “snowflake cactus”, a large ferro-cement sculpture. It is mounted on a steel base and has three sections standing 8.5 feet high and 3 feet wide and long. The sculpture has embedded copper wire on its edges and is painted with ornamental cement stains, paints and sealer. Cacti sculptures have interested me for the last ten years. One of my desert plant sculptures was modeled after an octoillo plant usually seen in…
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Terrell, Allen

Trailhead This “site specific” work expands beyond the individual pedestal piece and creates a space to be explored. The installation resides within a landscape measuring 150 feet by 60 feet. It consists of 87 6-inch round posts of various lengths creating a visual aggregate. The collective posts elicit a loose representation of various support or natural structures, but most importantly it is intended to create an environment without clear boundaries. The viewer becomes part of the work once they enter. The centered concrete cone welcomes the participation. Allen Terrell spent most of his career as a curator in Los Angeles.…
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von Schmidt, Chuck

HIBISCUS Nature is such a patient teacher.  The more we try to emulate her, the more she teaches us. Past Works O SIT This sculpture was located on Broad Ave in front of the Leonia Elementary School. Artist statement; “Well, yes it’s a chair. What did you think it was? Often we think art is arcane. Sometimes it’s just as literal as the nose on your face. I spend most of my time as an artist solving problems. It’s like Jeopardy. The artwork is the answer to a question. Usually a question I have posed then answered. This time the…
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Past Artists

Attebery, Mark

TENDRIL GROVE NO.1 by Mark Attebery This sculpture is located in the sculpture garden. Metal sculptor and multi-media artist Mark Attebery worked previously in stained glass, with over one hundred glass works installed throughout California.  In addition to visual arts he’s had a busy career as a composer. He has received numerous music commissions from dance companies, including the Oakland Ballet & Malashock Dance Co. Mark received awards from the San Diego Arts Commission, the Ann & Gordon Getty Foundation and Meet the Composer Inc.  The American Ceramic Society included Mark’s recordings of experimental clay musical instruments in a CD & Book…
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Bailis, Beth

House of Cards Wood, acrylic paint, 96” X 48” X 35” “That’s the way it’s put together, flat planes leaning against each other, stable and yet not.” A metaphor for our lives, these painted wooden boards, cut into sweeping and angular shapes, lean and support each other into an interlocked form, stabilizing the other, yet acting in contrast. The brightly painted surfaces reach out towards the viewer, forms interacting with space, interacting with color. HOUSE of CARDS appears as an architectural structure until the viewer engages more closely, in which the solid shapes become more directional and vivid, painted, brushstrokes…
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Benavente, Edward

Starting from Scratch cement, stainless steel, paint, 2005 “In the never ending search for the meaning of life, the philosophical question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, suggests that a simple and definitive answer is at hand. Of course the simple answer is evasive and only generates more debate. It is generally assumed that the solution lies within a choice between one or the other proposed answers. I propose that the answer is not a matter of limited choice. The nature of life and art is ever expanding. Growth requires exploration into the undefined. Therefore, I would…
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Buroker, Susan

CORN FIELDS Various Metals & Sapele Mahogany 10′ x 4′ x 4′, Located on Fort Lee Road on the Leonia Public Library front lawn. Continuing my journey on technology and farming this sculpture was inspired by the evolution of corn. Corn is a staple crop that’s importance lies on feeding the world. As the human population continues to rise we depend on farmers to increase global food production. Farmers have been selecting the most productive plants and seeds from their crops for thousands of years. In the last quarter century,  scientists have begun selecting productive traits at the individual gene level…
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Chirchirillo, Joe

STEEL SAGUARO “Over the course of my career I have been concerned with creating work that is drawn from elements found in nature, a and the mechanical world. My hope is to highlight the similarities and differences of our experiences in the world by creating a “false nature” or nature re-created . I am interested in finding architectural order emerging from nature and translating that into sculpture. This examination of plant forms is a daily practice for me in the rural environment in which I live. I am amazed how their form and structure relates to man made objects oftentimes in…
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Galazzo, Barbara

MEMORY CRYSTALS by Barbara Galazzo This mosaic piece is located in the sculpture garden and named “Memory crystals” – after the crystals used as storing devices in the Superman films. Researchers now claim that using ultra-fast lasers, we can now encode a piece of quartz with 5D information in the form of nano-structured dots separated by only one millionth of a meter. It is made of painted tempered glass, cement and grout. Barbara Galazzo’s award-winning creations have been featured in major galleries, museums, and commercial installations. Her work is part of the permanent corporate collections of Kaiser Permanente, Washington DC; Northwestern Hospital,…
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Hawkins, Gilbert

WALDORF A Gilbert Hawkins is a Leonia resident and has exhibited extensively in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and the Connecticut area.  He has taught in several Universities and schools, notably PACE and New York University. His work has clean lines that encourage the viewer to look beyond the space and incorporate the sculpture in its environment. The edited form and well crafted metal have a strong presence that impacts its surroundings in surprising ways. “Waldorf A”, in blue [powder colored steel, graces the front of the Annex Building. As the sculptor explains: “The title “Waldorf A” relates to the social genre…
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Hilgemann, Ewerdt

Sculptures from “MOMENTS IN A STREAM” exhibit by Ewerdt Hilgemann Cube Flower Double Threesome These sculptures are located on the corner off Fort Lee road and Station Parkway. Ewerdt Hilgemann, distinguished Amsterdam-based German artist is currently showing in Leonia, N.J. The sculptures, ranging in size from 8 to 20 feet in height, were created specially for a Park Avenue, New York City installation using a unique vacuum process, which “implodes” geometric shapes causing the material to deform according to natural laws. Hilgemann developed his method in the early 1980s after experimenting with white wooden wall pieces that captured light, influenced by ZERO movement.…
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Holmes, Tom

Balance of Power “I am drawn to working in the six elements of stone, metal, wood, light, ice and water. It gives me the ability to work intuitively. All possibilities can exist briefly before I impose parameters with regard to my emotional and intellectual contexts.” The undercurrents of natural decay, unity, duality, symmetry, space, time and dimension are at the heart of Tom’s creative energy. “I work seasonally, tracking the weather. Different temperatures demand independent responses to materials and approaches. Ice follows the freezing mark of winter, stone and steel the exterior work space of summer. Spring begins the search…
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Knowlton, Grace

SPHERE Originally a painter, Grace Knowlton has traveled freely through various art forms, methods, and materials.  In the past she has had exhibitions that included works of her photographs, drawings, paintings, and sculptures – the latter made from both natural and synthetic materials.  All of the works are made from copper and show various stages of patination.  The surfaces – from the dulled copper to the white patina – come from the various solutions applied to the shell-like enclosures and from their exposure to the elements of nature.  The organic seams that join the sheets of copper and the mossy…
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Laxman, Eric David

BALANCING AT HIGH SPEED Eric David Laxman is an accomplished sculptor and furniture designer who has created a unique studio and showroom at the Garnerville Art and Industrial Center near Haverstraw, New York.  He has exhibited his diverse works throughout the metropolitan area and nationwide.  Laxman was awarded the Rockland County Executive Art Award for Visual Artist in 2007 and was recognized by Rockland’s business community in the “Forty Under Forty” Award Ceremony. Laxman has recently completed a large sculpture commission for the City of Sculpture in Hamilton, Ohio and has completed commissions for the Greenwich Hospital in Connecticut and…
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Levenson, Conrad

Monumental Screw Up & Personal Goal Post “I salvage scrap materials and obsolete objects, repurposing and recomposing them as works of art, while combining previously unrelated elements in unusual and unexpected ways. My sculptures evoke the former times, places, lives, unique character, and embedded energy of their source materials. I tell their stories, as I explore and mediate the essential relationship between their form and content. Ranging in size from the intimate to large scale installations, my sculptures are displayed indoors and out, often in spaces and settings of my own design. Individual works, series, and commissions are included in…
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Lombardo, Daniel

THE EFFECT OF WHAT I HAVE SEEN by Daniel Lombardo My art is first informed by the humanfigure, its essential vertical presentation with a focus on unique but relatedfrontal and rear views, and the gestalt of interconnected shapes that are bothlinear and volumetric. It is secondarily informed by totem poles of the NativeAmericans of the Pacific Northwest and other tribal cultures from around theworld, with their stacked and interconnected elements that may represent keyfigures or concepts in their myths and legends, combined to “tell a tale” orremind of basic cultural tenets. Though my sculptures do not represent anyspecific events, I…
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Madden, Bob

MOONRISE NEW BEE-GINNING “Stone sculpture allows me to speak in a universal language. Creating a stone representation of an idea, a concept, or a feeling for the viewer to interpret through their own experiences begins the unspoken dialog. Stone is my choice of medium because it is perceived as a hard, cold, and unfeeling material. But when stone is presented as a soft or complicated shape, a person will react with amusement and amazement that opens their mind to new possibilities and prompts them to reexamine their views on the broader subject matter. Generally my work will alternate between two…
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Mauro, Janice

Ode to Ninja “The totem, Ode to Ninja, is part of a body of work conceived to serve a variety of purposes in the future, and to illuminate the dangers of our current situation. In the mythology of this project, it represents the worship of the Ninja, a creature revered for its endurance, especially during the devastating flooding of the “Tidal Decade”. Ode to Ninja symbolizes my belief in the spiritual as an essential need in art and life.”– Janice Mauro For more information, please visit

Palminteri, Charles

GOLDEN TOWER Charles Palminteri is a bold, abstract painter of the “action” school. Many of his works are purchased by architects for office buildings and executive homes in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Florida. Mr. Palminteri has exhibited at Foote Cone & Belding in Manhattan, rocheBobois in Estero, Florida, the Sweet Art Gallery in Naples, Florida, the Speak Easy Gallery in Boonton, New Jersey, and the George Segal Gallery at Montclair State University. Palminteri uses a variety of styles and approaches in an abstract expressionist framework. Some are large, gold patterns and shapes developed from Japanese Kanji and Hiragana…
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Parriott, Shelley

Color Field Sculptures: Watercolors “Visually and conceptually, Color Field Sculpture® installations simultaneously present a dichotomy and an integration between the corporeal and the intangible – our physical and spiritual aspects. Monumental in size and visual impact, yet illusory, transparent layers play in the changing light to describe: material / immaterial, being / non – being, and the transitory nature of form. From miniature interior wall pieces to large-scale installations, Parriott’s concept begins with our passage through existence: “existence is the medium through which every aspect of being is transformed.” Overlapping layers of experience translate into sheer sculptural layers that interact…
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Perlman, Justin

Morning Call Morning Call by Justin Perlman is a lyrical bird form fashioned out of carbon steel with stainless steel accents. Perlman describes Morning Call as an “expression of a new day,” turning away from the past to begin something new and reach for the future

Pitts, Richard

Solar Totems “I want my sculpture to create and activate space with a sense of enrichment. The value that I look for in my work is that it references the environment, giving it the presence of being an important entrance way that encourages a personal path that inspires the way we meet the day.” – Richard Pitts Crayons Previously instaled at the corner of Woodridge Place and Broad Avenue across from the sculpture garden, currently no longer in Leonia, for more informaton visit the artists website listed below. “This group of sculptures was completed over a period of seven years.…
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Potts, Hildreth

Two life-sized turkeys made of found metal objects. Installed in front of Moore’s Hardware on Broad Avenue. “Animal forms are central to my work. I find the commonalities of our coexistence a great mystery and comfort. Animals often help us visualize the paradoxes and pathos of our own lives, of our beliefs and philosophies; they reintroduce us to beauty daily, they remind us of fierceness and fragility, they are our boon companions both on earth and on the vast steppes of metaphysics and imagination.” – Hildreth Potts For more information, visit

Rice, R. Douglass

Evolution #1-6 “Evolution #1-6 is one in a series of sculptures fabricated in powder coated aluminum. I have been a builder and an artist for over thirty-five years. These works combine my history of working in three dimensions with my intense love of color and form. Each of the pieces in Evolution #1-6 contains the exact shape of its succeeding piece. In other words, each separate sculpture evolves from its previous companion. When assembled together they resemble a creature arising from the primordial ooze.” – R. Douglass Rice R. Douglass Rice, who has had studios in New York City and…
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Rosenberg, Herb

WAVERING TWILIGHT National boundaries are slowly becoming faint as a global economy slithers through the myriad of cultures around the world. The unique indigenous flavors, colors, habits, sounds and ideas, which have peppered the earth, can no longer be protected by distances.  Cultures are being assimilated, diluted and sometimes ingested or coerced. The digital world might be seen as having created an atmosphere, a WAVERING TWILIGHT, of the distinctions that have been the origins of cultures. Herb Rosenberg is a left-handed Aquarian art-maker in the tradition of some of history’s most zealous artists. His studio is never without works-in-progress in progress.…
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Rusinek, Jack

King Boletes Large scale group of mushrooms, foam coated with fiberglass. Installed on the front lawn of the Leonia Library. More information coming soon.

Saco, Don

PUZZLE Welded steel 48” high Don started figurative sculpting as a young man, then worked as a clinical psychologist. When he got back to his art it evolved from figurative to abstract. Breaking free of true anatomy was liberating. This piece is powder coated steel, sprayed in a rich blue color to enhance the form. For more information please visit

Stafford, Betty

Making use of well worn skateboards- from their scuffed and shredded decks to the hardware that supports them. Betty Stafford’s art digs down through layers of rough use to find resilience, beauty and joy.  For more information, please visit


DNA Totem “Creating art is a combination of incredibly intense and sublime moments, none of which you control. It’s my job to show up every day ready to work and while it can feel like slogging through deep mud with only a vague notion of the direction you are going – continuing to plod is necessary to end with a result that I would call art. It’s analogous to fishing… you do all the things you’re supposed to do, like get up really early, sit quietly on the river’s edge, watch the water’s surface and with a leap of faith…
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Wohrman, Brian

“Springtime” represents a koi fish emerging from hibernation in the spring, and symbolizes renewal in the everchanging circle of life.  It is made from upcycled horseshoes which have left their own impressions throughout their lifespan. My sculpting career started after suffering a profound loss, and has allowed me to channel my emotions into something tangible.  These emotions are brought to life in different forms which allows people to see, as well as feel, what is going on in my pieces.  I work with many different materials including metal, wood, and cast stone.  My ability to take these materials and transform…
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