DNA Totem

“Creating art is a combination of incredibly intense and sublime moments, none of which you control. It’s my job to show up every day ready to work and while it can feel like slogging through deep mud with only a vague notion of the direction you are going – continuing to plod is necessary to end with a result that I would call art. It’s analogous to fishing… you do all the things you’re supposed to do, like get up really early, sit quietly on the river’s edge, watch the water’s surface and with a leap of faith – cast your line. Once you have done all this, it’s up to the gods whether you catch a fish or a tire. If you’re good at your sport, you may be able to ‘feel’ what you’re coming up with, hence the Daimones. But a large part of the process is ‘doing the work’ and taking a leap of faith.

I often say- I’m not strong or courageous, but I don’t mind climbing out on a limb. In some strange way I’m comfortable there.” – Suprina