Grom, Bogdan

Mother and Baby Seal


Bogdan Grom, who lived in Englewood and Slovenia until his death at age 95 in November 2013, defied classification as an artist.  Born in Trieste, Italy, his artistic roots derive in color and form from the rocky landscapes of the Karst region of his origins.  He survived Fascist persecution and came to the United States in 1957.

Mr. Grom worked prolifically in all mediums, from oils, aluminum, tapestry, mosaic, stained glass, fiberglass, paper, and wood. His work in painting, sculpture, print making and designs related to architecture  have been recognized in private and museum collections worldwide. His most visible public art…sculptures and mobiles designed to beautify America’s earliest shopping malls…is represented by the two fiberglass seals now happily displayed in Leonia.

Sculpture for Leonia thanks Ms. Nina Woodrow of Englewood, New Jersey, for donating the seals to Leonia.  Their whimsical grace charms all who see them.  We are truly grateful for this gift.

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