Martire, Mary



These super bugs are made out of metal and mixed media. A Lady bug, Butterfly and Lightening bug are hanging from the trees in the Wood park area. Mary Martire used metal, plastic, nylon rope and wire to construct these engaging bugs.

Mary Matire is well known for her ceramics using clay to create useful pieces for dining and decorating.  The nuances of color, shape and style continue to intrigue her. She teaches at the Art School at Old Church, in Demarest, NJ. This encouraged her into new directions, such as the giant insect sculptures, which hang in Leonia, NJ. They evolved from teaching a children’s sculpture class called Bugs and Butterflies. The mixed media wall pieces which are a combination of ceramics and woven fabric, also got their genesis while teaching kids. Mary Matire’s work has been in galleries and art shows throughout New Jersey.

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