Bergman, Dan


“City Tree” is a simulated telephone pole crowned with a blizzard of wires. This kind of tree is gradually replacing the native trees of New Jersey.


Traditionally a sculptor who works with metal, Dan Bergman veered to wood with the creation of “My Father’s House.” The carved out space in this sculpture represents the house.  It is visible from every angle of the three-paneled display.

Here, Dan describes his fascination with houses and his artistic intensions for “My Father’s House.”

Dan Bergman grew up in Chicago and Cleveland.  After a 30-year business career, he began studying at New York’s Art Students League.  His sculpture has been exhibited in many solo and group shows, and he has executed a number of public works.  He is known for intense, convoluted welded pieces, wind-driven kinetic works, and explorations of mathematical structures such as “tensegrity”.

My Father’s House has been generously donated to the Borough of Leonia.