Parriott, Shelley

Color Field Sculptures: Watercolors

“Visually and conceptually, Color Field Sculpture® installations simultaneously present a dichotomy and an integration between the corporeal and the intangible – our physical and spiritual aspects. Monumental in size and visual impact, yet illusory, transparent layers play in the changing light to describe: material / immaterial, being / non – being, and the transitory nature of form.

From miniature interior wall pieces to large-scale installations, Parriott’s concept begins with our passage through existence: “existence is the medium through which every aspect of being is transformed.” Overlapping layers of experience translate into sheer sculptural layers that interact with each other, the participant, and the environment.

Largest scale site-specific configurations invite viewers to enter into and move through the sculpture – transitioning through time, space, prismatic patterns of color, blended tints, and optical illusions.

We question our conditioned perceptions and what seems to be, changes.

Color Field Sculpture® Installations Transform Space

Perforated heavy gauge aluminum is rolled, bent or folded by powerful presses as the sculptural concept emerges.

Permanent powder coated color is electrostatically applied to all components.

In a process of welding the artist’s vision to technical necessities, industrial materials are transformed from ordinary “workaday” existence into lyrical multi-dimensional expanses that immerse the viewer in vibrant fields of color.

As light passes through the transparency of the sculpture, the atmosphere shifts; shapes that at first glance appear to be solid and corporeal now elude definition. Mysterious shimmering nuances seem to appear/disappear, and take on an airy quality not usually associated with structurally sound large-scale sculpture.

Created in any size, shape or palette, indoors or out, suspended or anchored, varying hues enhance public spaces, interiors, landscapes, cityscapes, and private gardens – redefining the environment into a canvas of unlimited dimensions bounded only by the specifics of the site.”

– Shelley Parriott

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