Knowlton, Grace



Originally a painter, Grace Knowlton has traveled freely through various art forms, methods, and materials.  In the past she has had exhibitions that included works of her photographs, drawings, paintings, and sculptures – the latter made from both natural and synthetic materials.  All of the works are made from copper and show various stages of patination.  The surfaces – from the dulled copper to the white patina – come from the various solutions applied to the shell-like enclosures and from their exposure to the elements of nature.  The organic seams that join the sheets of copper and the mossy coloration and textures combine to make surfaces that are extraordinarily evocative.  The artist has said, “I could tell you my sculpture is informed by the inner space, that I place it in the context of interrelated forms, or I could talk about the significance of surfaces.  Actually I am a magician – I create through an ancient practice involving the laying on of hands.”  In these sculptures different forces of texture, form, space, and color compose a galaxy of natural strengths.

Grace Knowlton has exhibited extensively throughout the United States.  Her work is in the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Brooklyn Museum of Art in Brooklyn, The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, among many others.

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