Bailis, Beth

House of Cards

House of Cards

Wood, acrylic paint, 96” X 48” X 35”

“That’s the way it’s put together, flat planes leaning against each other, stable and yet not.” A metaphor for our lives, these painted wooden boards, cut into sweeping and angular shapes, lean and support each other into an interlocked form, stabilizing the other, yet acting in contrast. The brightly painted surfaces reach out towards the viewer, forms interacting with space, interacting with color. HOUSE of CARDS appears as an architectural structure until the viewer engages more closely, in which the solid shapes become more directional and vivid, painted, brushstrokes of color command the attention of space.

The artist, Beth Bailis, a native New Yorker, who lives and maintains a studio in Long island City, Queens, graduated from Maryland institute College of Art, and when returning to NYC, received an MFA from City College, CUNY. Primarily a painter, her work spans from landscape to abstracted compositions to mixed media configurations, entitled Fusion Paintings. Bailis is also a muralist, her most recent public mural is installed in the Roosevelt Island Motorgate Parking Garage in the entrance Atrium. Described by well  known artist, Al Loving, whom Beth studied with, as “material madness”, her Fusion Relief Sculpture  can be viewed currently at Unison Sculpture Garden in New Paltz, NY.

This piece, HOUSE of CARDS, has been exhibited at BWAC ( Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition), annual sculpture show at Brooklyn Bridge Park in Dumbo, Saunders Farm Annual Sculpture exhibition with Collaborative Concepts in Garrison, NY, and Metalmen Sales in Long Island City, Queens, along with other Fusion works by the artist.  Bailis’ art can  be seen in the permanent collections of the City College Art  Collection,  William Whipple Museum at Minnesota State University, Wilson College, Chambersburg, PA, and long term loan at LaGuardia Community College, LIC, NYC.

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