Rice, R. Douglass

Evolution #1-6

Evolution #1-6 is one in a series of sculptures fabricated in powder coated aluminum. I have been a builder and an artist for over thirty-five years. These works combine my history of working in three dimensions with my intense love of color and form. Each of the pieces in Evolution #1-6 contains the exact shape of its succeeding piece. In other words, each separate sculpture evolves from its previous companion. When assembled together they resemble a creature arising from the primordial ooze.”

– R. Douglass Rice

R. Douglass Rice, who has had studios in New York City and Stonington, Connecticut, has exhibited in the National Arts Club in New York, Mystic Museum of Art, Farrah Damji Galleries in New York and East Hampton, Beef Gallery in San Francisco, Avondale Arts Center in Avondale, RI, and others. He studied at Stanford University, from which he graduated with a BA, the Mendocino Arts Center, and the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He currently lives in Stonington, CT.