Padovano, Anthony



This sculpture is located in the “Triangle” on Broad Avenue between Magnolia and Beechwood Place. A 5,000 pound granite sculpture. Mr. Padovano has taken what some artists consider an old-fashioned medium and created a flowing, contemporary piece with “Cronus.” “I was inspired by the music of Bach when I was sculpting this piece,” said Mr. Padovano. “The monumental chords in Bach’s music inspired me to make large, rhythmic forms in the granite.” Anthony Padovano graciously donated this piece to Sculpture for Leonia.



This sculpture is located in the “Wood Park” area. In this geometric vertical formation Padovano creates a dynamic modernist approach to form and color. The thoughtful interplay of rectilinear and cylindrical shapes is more than just a display of size and color, it is a still life strategically designed to create a secondary interaction of light and shadow that adds further volume and line extension to the larger primary forms. “Yellow Structure,” though constructed in a distinct, individual voice, is from a larger colorful series that was exhibited in the Whitney Museum. Padovano has worked with various media in a wide range of styles over the years; his success, he jokes, comes from not letting himself get in the way and permitting every piece to come to life on its own.

Anthony Padovano has been awarded the Prix di Rome, a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Ford Purchase Award, an Olivetti Award from the Silvermine Guild, and a Gold Medal for Sculpture at the National Academy of Design. His work can be seen at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Wichita Art Museum, and The National Collection of Fine Arts, Washington, D.C. among other venues. He has written The Process of Sculpture, published by Doubleday and Co.

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