Kim, Insun


“Nails are very important tools in terms of structure and stability. One nail by itself however can not hold too much together. Much of the time it is necessary for multiples to be used in unison. Each nail represents a person in my work. I use stainless steel nails for the clean and pure appearance. When each nail is welded to the ones next to it, it will visually have a bond specific to that set of nails. Every bond or weld is different which comes to represent the individual relationships between people on a grand scale. Each nail used differs in size from the ones next to it, below it, and above it in a way to simulate the variety found in nature and society. In this event when we take a step back we no longer see each individual nail, but one tree, one tree that encompasses thousands of smaller pieces each have their own bonds and relationships and ultimately play a much larger role maintaining stability and structure through their strength.” – Insun Kim

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