Terrell, Allen


This “site specific” work expands beyond the individual pedestal piece and creates a space to be explored. The installation resides within a landscape measuring 150 feet by 60 feet. It consists of 87 6-inch round posts of various lengths creating a visual aggregate. The collective posts elicit a loose representation of various support or natural structures, but most importantly it is intended to create an environment without clear boundaries. The viewer becomes part of the work once they enter. The centered concrete cone welcomes the participation.

Allen Terrell spent most of his career as a curator in Los Angeles. He relocated to the East coast to work as a contemporary artist in 2016. He has exhibited extensively in Los Angeles and New York. Allen works with different types of materials. He graduated from Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the Arts and received his MA from Fuller Theological Seminary.

For more information, please visit ajterrell.com or follow @ajterrellstudio